Certified Wellness Consultant & Nutrition Coach based in Hong Kong

Meet Mariana

Born in Portugal to a Portuguese father and Brazilian mother and raised in Macau, Mariana is a Hong Kong and Macau – based certified holistic wellness consultant, and nutrition coach, certified yoga instructor, raw vegan chef and author with a passion and enthusiasm for living a healthy, sustainable and holistic lifestyle.

Mariana has been committed to personal wellness since her youth, however, it took a change in career path – from studying Law in Florence to the unknown world of the Wellness – to truly find her passion. 

Following her heart, Mariana returned to the start of her educational and professional path, and gradually realised her dream of becoming a wellness professional. 

And the Journey begun

Mariana first discovered yoga in 2007, when she joined Macau’s largest yoga studio as a sales representative. From this point onwards, her interest in this ancient physical artform became daily practice, and in speaking with yoga experts, Mariana began to understand the powerful connection between body and mind in achieving optimal health.

Noting the growth of Southeast Asia’s spa industry, Mariana decided to broaden her horizons, focusing on learning about holistic and alternative therapies, aromatherapy and body anatomy. Enrolling in various spa, beauty and complementary therapy courses, Mariana earned a C.I.B.T.A.C. Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage Diploma, Diplomas in Beauty Therapy Services from I.A., C.I.B.T.A.C. and C.I.D.E.S.C.O., a Diploma in Aromatherapy under N.A.H.A. standards, and an I.S.B.C. Diploma in Spa Management, Development and Treatments, leading her to become a certified holistic therapist and beauty aesthetician.

In 2009, Mariana was ready to put her knowledge into practice as she joined the Grand Hyatt Macau as part of Isala Spa pre-opening team. Here, she learned the fundamentals of spa operations, concepts and treatments, and after an intensive 13-week program, was invited by Hyatt’s School of Hospitality to be part of the Train the Trainee (TT) course; an on-going program of staff training.

As she continued to explore the mind-body connection, Mariana came to the realisation that she was meant to heal, educate, and share her knowledge with others. She embarked upon a journey to become a registered Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher (RYT), and through this training her eyes were opened to Ayurveda and the healing powers of food. This coincided with a gravitation towards a plant-based diet, as she eliminated dairy, reduced fish and eggs, and incorporated more greens, superfoods and legumes than ever before. Mariana felt alive! Eventually, she was inspired and encouraged to make the commitment to becoming 100% plant-based. 


Mariana’s health journey is inspired by many of her very own challenges, all of which contributed to who and where she is today.

One of the many things that she has learned through her journey is that, while spa and wellness focus and concepts may vary, everyone shares the same goal: helping people realise their own potential. By promoting wellbeing, and educating, supporting and empowering people, we can all achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Sattva Juicery and Kitchen – Macau

In 2014, after realising the lack of resources in Macau, and being inspired by the amazing products and choices abroad, a business plan for what is today one of the most sought-after products in the health and wellness field was finally put together.

Mariana became the co-founder and creative director of Sattva Juicery and Natural Products Limited, Macau’s first raw cold-pressed juicery, delivering juices, juice cleanses and raw vegan snacks straight to the client’s door. Macau welcomed Sattva with such curiosity and enthusiasm that bottles were strategically distributed in the city to cater the community. 

Together with her business partner, Dias developed a product that let its taste profile speak for itself. Sattva soon became the vessel for educating the local community about the benefits of cold pressed juicing and the importance of a leading healthy lifestyle. 

The Juicery was founded on the principle that we need a simple, effective means of nourishing our bodies, relieving them from the stress of everyday life, and restoring ourselves to a state of wellbeing. 

Sattva exists to deliver the uplifting and healing powers of raw, cold pressed juices and snacks to you through the most efficient and convenient means possible. 

From Law Student to a Certified Wellness Consultant and Nutrition Coach

With the goal of healing her father from serious health complications and with the intention of empowering her clients in all areas of their lives, Mariana applied to study Nutrition and Sports Nutrition, followed by the Holistic Nutrition course at the I.I.N. and finally the author took the Raw and Vegan chef certifications.

Her passion for teaching and empowering others to live the highest quality of life reflects in all of her creative and professional endeavours: from being part of spa pre-opening teams and spa management trainings in luxurious hotels in Macau, to collaborate with written articles to blogs and magazines, podcasts, teaching platforms and as a speaker at events.

Mariana’s integrative approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on nutrition and emotional balance, took her to Shine Spa at Sheraton Macau, where she joined the pre-opening team as a spa coordinator. During her tenure, she created eight wellness programs, focusing on the connection between spa, fitness and nutrition to create an integrated wellness “world”.

This was the incentive Mariana needed to start offering nutrition and wellness counseling, focusing on coaching, in addition to consulting. Working with individual and corporate clients worldwide, her priority is to understand an individual’s unique desires, needs, concerns, motivators and challenges to most efficiently help set appropriate, achievable goals.

“When we feel fantastic, it becomes easy & natural to continue healthy habits & form long-lasting, sustainable lifestyle patterns.”

Over the past three years, Mariana been offering wellness consulting services to the world-renowned Spa, Wellness and Leisure Consulting Company – Evolve-IC where some of her ongoing projects include: the creation of a healthy eating concept for an urban hotel in Cambodia and the development of a spa & wellness concept for an integrated resort in the Philippines.

In collaboration with Green Queen Media H.K., the world’s 1st 28-day whole foods plant-based and low waste plan for the planet conscious was finally launched and the author’s latest project was the creation and launch of a wellness journal – My Wellness Journey –  which is a comprehensive six-month planner, designed to support busy bodies, minds and souls to take control of their wellbeing goals and make permanent changes for the good, published in Hong Kong and Macau

In 2019 also in H.K., Mariana opened her holistic Wellness Consulting and Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching practice, a platform which educates you and encourages you to make conscious, informed decisions with your best interests in mind, which is for the author the culmination of more than12 years of hard work, focus, determination, fun and ambition. Mariana runs her business from Hong Kong and Macau, juggling her busy life as a Mom of three children with her many projects and ongoing studies.

Throughout all elements of her life, Mariana commits herself daily to be the best version of herself. Her passions are being a focused mother, Earth-loving foods, respect for the world around her and sharing her lifestyle with others. The author believes in a slow and sustainable lifestyle without fad diets, quick fixes, calorie restriction or excessive exercise. Mariana enjoys reading, writing and researching, the Author spends a lot of time with her Family, in nature, cooking, practicing yoga and simply being.

Facilitating a natural approach to health, our philosophy focuses on finding the root cause of your health issues and concerns to rebalance all aspects of your life.

Mariana de Oliveira Dias is an online holistic wellness consulting and nutrition coaching practice, striving to bring you easy-to-digest health information and delicious recipes. It is a platform that encourages you to make conscious, informed decisions with your best interests in mind. It represents those who want to take charge of their health, are open-minded, conscious, compassionate and believe in the power of knowledge.

We evaluate your complete health history, emotional state, lifestyle and current diet habits; and correct it through diet, exercise, stress-management techniques, mindful living, and mindful body awareness in order to improve your overall health, prevent disease and help you achieve mental well-being.

Our mission is to empower you to be an intelligent, discerning and responsible participant in the creation of your own health and wellness.

Rooted in the belief that nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, every program and recipe is created with the goal of helping people find foods that support their unique biology, lifestyle and preferences. 

Are you ready to cut through the clutter and make positive lasting changes that alter the way you eat, think and feel? 


Let Mariana and her team guide you toward making better decisions to improve your vitality and ensure you feel your most vibrant!  We don’t believe in quick fixes; rather, with our guidance, you can make long-lasting, sustainable changes that are effective and enjoyable.

Mariana believes good health is all encompassing: food, mindset, movement, relationships, and wants to showcase not only how rewarding a healthy lifestyle is, but also how achievable, enjoyable and  seamless it can be. When you actually feel how good healthy feels, it becomes easy and natural to maintain those healthy habits. 

We see health as a striking balance between making choices with your body’s best interests in mind, and living life to the fullest. To do this, we look at your life as a whole: food, thoughts, desires, sleep, stress, habits, hobbies, work and relationships. What’s more, we tailor a solution to your individual needs. Together, we will work toward finding your own unique health equilibrium. 

Mariana would love the opportunity to educate, guide and inspire you to take charge of your health – not because you have to, or because you should, but because you want to. We will help you understand how your body functions, what it needs and reprogram how you eat, think, feel and choose. We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you and help you live your healthiest, most fulfilling life!

When we work together, you will get to know your body, understand how it functions and what it needs, bring balance to your life, value your health and make peace with your plate.

We offer personalised holistic wellness and nutrition coaching through the following key elements:

Detailed health assessment questionnaire
Bespoke holistic wellness and nutrition coaching
Lifestyle plans 
Wellness programs for resorts & retreats
Bespoke meals and juicing plans
Delicious plant-based recipes
Holistic fitness and workshops
And so much more…

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