Recovering From a Summer Of Fun

After a summer of ice-creams, aperitifs, BBQs, parties and endless rose, you might find yourself feeling a little lethargic, bloated and out of balance. Treating your body to a deep clean is a perfect way to align with the changing seasons, reconnect with your body, and get grounded after a wild summer.

If you establish a strong baseline of wellness by eating a nourishing, plant-rich diet most of the time, it’s ok (and in fact, necessary) to indulge sometimes as we all agree that it’s all about balance! Guilt and negative self-talk are just as toxic as junk food, so don’t beat yourself up.

Instead, just start taking steps in the right direction like starting to incorporate one of these seven detoxifying rituals into your daily routine.

Below, are some of our secrets for staying balanced and recovering from a summer of fun.

1. Start With Plants.

It’s our #1 secret to health! Greens contain phytochemicals and minerals that naturally detoxify the body, along with fiber to support a healthy makeup of gut bacteria and encourage regular toxin elimination. Introducing fresh fruits and veggies into your diet is a start but why not take it a step further by selecting produce with high detoxification properties. Produce like dark leafy greens, cabbage, beets, apples, garlic and onions are known for their liver-cleansing properties.

2. Buy A Dry Brush.

Dry brush before showering in the morning for amazing benefits such as lymphatic system stimulation, exfoliating the skin, removing toxins, increasing circulation and energy, and reducing cellulite.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water, Already.

Water is the simplest and the best way to detox the body. By hydrating well, not only improves digestion but also helps the exact lymph movement so that all the toxins are flushed out.

4. Focus

Meditate for 10-20 minutes in the morning to reduce stress—a major cause of disease-causing inflammation!

5. Sweat It Out And Rest It Out.

Exercise and sleep. These are two simple thing that you can do to restore and detox your body post-summer. Exercise increases blood flow and allows you to sweat out toxins naturally, while a good sleep is critical to de-stress and maintaining your body’s metabolic equilibrium. We also suggest sitting in an infrared sauna to sweat out impurities, or do a facial steam with essential oils like lavender and tea tree.

7. Try a Juice Cleanse.

Nourish your body with our nutrient-packed juices, cleanse your system, and embrace a fresh start.

8. Cut Out On Sugar & Salt.

Sugar and salt can be the hardest ingredients to cut out of your diet, but they are the two ingredients that make the most impact on your body in large quantities.

9. Practice Detox Yoga

If you’re a regular yoga practitioner, then don’t miss the opportunity to use your favorite activity to detox your body!

Twisting yoga poses like Parivrtta Utkatasana or Marichyasana are great to remove toxins and get the digestive track moving. Pranayama (breath exercises), and especially “nadi shodana”, the alternate nostril breath, is also a powerful tool to help detoxify your body. Try it!

10. Bring Your Skin Back To Balance

Although you’ve given your skin a healthy dose of vitamin D this summer, you may also notice that your complexion has been subject to post-summer damage. Too much sun, excess humidity, and not enough sleep have given way to a few new breakouts and left your skin looking puffy, uneven and flaky.

To reverse summer damage, we recommend bringing your complexion back to balance with products rich in detoxifying ingredients like citrus, leafy greens and spices (paprika).

But the bottom line is, no matter how extreme you want to go with your detox, remember, it’s never about starving yourself. It’s about feeling good from the inside out. To us, detoxing is NOT about starvation or going on a liquid diet (i.e. juice cleansing). It’s about flooding your body with nutrients, healing the gut lining, stabilising blood sugar, improving alkalinity and giving every system in the body—from the lymph to the liver to the colon—a deep clean.

Don’t forget that Detoxing is also about stripping away the negative thought patterns, habits and behaviors that are weighing you down and holding you back. You’re not just cleansing from food, but also deep-rooted emotions and thoughts that are keeping you from feeling like your best self. And everyone can benefit from devoting a few days to themselves and their health!

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