Small Habits…Big Changes

Habits shape your entire day. They create a foundation for how you show up—either serving you or most definitely not. I wouldn’t be who I am without coming back to these daily rituals. Figuring out what practice serves you, whether that’s a few minutes of meditation or movement, is just as important as figuring out how you can integrate that practice into your day. Starting in the morning is great for getting your blood flowing and allowing yourself to be fully present throughout the day. But, listen, some days that’s not realistic and I get it. What matters is fitting it in, not being perfect.

I love to look at habits when I’m lacking motivation; they are the things I commit to because they always help me move through my day with ease. Small habits can create massive shifts in our lives, as long as we make them realistic. You can’t show up for yourself if you’re setting unattainable goals. Begin with five minutes. Start with every other day. Sprinkle in space to explore other options. Take out a notebook and really commit to recording your daily habits.

For example, I used to wake up and reach for my phone, which activated a crazy hamster wheel of meeting the needs of others before taking care of myself. Now, I swear by starting the day with breathing in a sense of gratitude. I wake up everyday at 5:30am, practice yoga, i meditate, work with crystals and i say three things I’m grateful for silently to myself at the beginning of every day. This tiny practice puts me in the position to be of the best service to others in my life. Putting my phone away from my bed was a micro-moment that created the space for a more embodied beginning of the day.

From there, I think about how the foods and liquids I consume play a role in setting myself up for success. Ask yourself, “What’s the first thing I’m filling myself up with?” I ditched coffee for matcha and I’ll always have my matcha time but, I ease my body into the day with the ritual of warm lemon water just about every morning.

Think about the foods and liquids you consume throughout the rest of the day. Is everything eaten in a rush or in front of a computer screen? When you take a look at your habits, you can start to explore how to show up with more intention—even if that’s taking time to enjoy your lunch without a screen in your face.


How you end your day impacts how you start the next morning. That’s why I love to take twenty to thirty minutes before bed, without electronics, to read a book – mainly to my Girls, meditate and recently, i’ve started breathwork sessions with my amazing breathwork coach Harsha from @sfh_breathwork. Whether that’s lighting a candle, dimming the lights, having a cup of tea – whatever it is that helps you mentally unwind from the day. Wellness isn’t just about the way you move your body or what you’re filling yourself up with. It’s about what you allow in your energetic space — the books you read, the news you consume, the accounts you follow, the people you spend time with. When you really open up all your senses to the things that make you feel incredible, and learn to create the space for them daily I believe this is where your habits can help guide you in creating a better version of you.


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