Spring Into Summer With Us

With Spring well underway and summer just around the corner, it’s safe to assume we all want to be feeling our best so we can relish the warm weather, ample sunshine, and the opportunity to take advantage of the longer days and everything summertime has to offer.

With the changing of season comes the changing of many other things too. It’s a time of transition where you may find yourself feeling unsettled and ungrounded. To the team here at Wellness by Mod, the changing of season is exciting! It means the perfect time to reset and recharge for the new months ahead.

A time of new beginnings, brighter health, and excitement.

If you’re feeling like you might need a boost and want to spring your way into the coming Summer months, read our 5 top tips below to get yourself looking and feeling your best!

1. Reset your goals.

Although we’re only a couple of months away from the new year, it’s still so beneficial to sit back and reflect on the goals you’d set at the start of this year – or even better, reset them for the summer months ahead. Have a think to yourself – Where are you now? Where would you like to be? What can you do to get yourself to where you want to be? Re-asses your situation and get yourself back on track. What areas of your life aren’t balanced? Do you need to work less, see your family more, eat healthier, sleep longer, practice more yoga or save more money? Setting yourself goals not only brings about positive change in your life, it gives you a focus and a new meaning to living.

2. Renew your exercise regime.

Summer time means longer days, brighter nights, and more time for activities. What are some new exercises you can include into your usual daily routine? A walk every Wednesday with your girlfriends? Join the new yoga class around the corner? The start of summer is the PERFECT time to start something new to get yourself looking and feeling vibrant!

3. Switch up your foods.

Summer is all about bright and colourful. Fruits, veggies, green juices and smoothies, just to name a few. Your body will feel lighter and your spirit will be brighter.

4. Out with the old and in with the new.

What better time to cleanse, clean up and get rid of anything that’s not serving you. Old clothes, books, bad habits, junk – cleaning out the clutter (Physically, emotionally and mentally) will mean you’re opening up your home, heart and mind for new brilliant and exciting things!

5. Retreat Yourself.

Give yourself some time to rest. Start treating your body with the love and kindness it needs, and make looking after yourself a priority! Remember that in order to be the best version of you; at work, at home, for your friends, for your family – you MUST look after yourself FIRST. The more you learn to love yourself, the more others will learn to love you too.

6. Spend Time in Nature

After being cooped up all winter, it feels good to go outdoors and soak up the sun even if it isn’t quite beach weather yet. Being in nature puts you back into balance and is especially important in this day of relentless technology. In fact, there has been research on how spending time in nature, such as in a forest setting, has positive physiological effects like boosting your immune system. So, maybe check out your garden, go for a walk in the park, or explore new territory and go hiking. Even a simple walk around the neighbourhood will do wonders.

7. Eating simple whole foods

Processed foods are depleted of valuable nutrients and packed full of chemicals and sugars. Retrain your taste buds to enjoy a fresh carrot or simple slices of cucumber with lemon juice and sea salt.

8. Staying hydrated

Very often when we feel hungry, it is often a sign of dehydration. It is best to drink lots of water before and after meals but not during. Water helps the body detoxify, which keeps the digestive system healthy. Sip on teas and water throughout the day; try to consume 1 cup of water, tea, or other liquid every 30 minutes, except 30 minutes before or after meals. A small glass of warm water with lemon or tea is acceptable during meals if you need something. My favorite summer drink is cold mint tea with chlorophyll and lemon.

9. Detoxification

Can be aided by dry brushing, saunas and steams, detox baths, and cold showers. They are an excellent way to help release toxins. They are also all great for increasing the health and appearance of the skin before summer and for encouraging stress reduction. It’s important to dry brush your skin and end with one minute of cold water when you shower. This helps to move toxins in the skin.

10. Variety

Should factor into our meals. During summer we have access to lots of fresh produce. In order to receive proper nutrients, it is ideal to eat a variety of foods.Doing this helps us access an array of nutrients (try rotating greens and choosing new fruits). How we prepare them can also affect this; ideally eat a mixture of raw and cooked.