You are meant to have an amazing life. You are meant to wake up every day filled with inspiration and excitement for the day ahead. If you feel you are not living with excitement and in harmony with the world around you every day, you may not be practicing gratitude and positivity on a daily basis. If you find you have good luck sometimes, then you might be feeling positive only some of the time.

How you feel and the feelings you exude, are like a magnet. You get what you give. Simply, if you give a smile, chances are, you will get one in return. Same goes if you scowl at someone and grumble under your breath all the time, people around you will tend to react the same. So what you project out into the world is what you receive back.

And the things we think about ourselves and others are no different. If you think negative thoughts, you will feel bad and mostly likely have a bad day. Our thoughts and words have such amazing power. We believe the things we tell ourselves and speak about others. Why not make life easier by thinking positive thoughts instead?

Working as a health & nutrition coach, I help my clients transform their mindset. First and foremost, it is a huge part of gaining health and vitality. Working through whatever ails you, whether it is food, habit or lack of fitness. It is all largely based on your thought process. When your mind is trained to think and react positively, it gives you the upper hand.

When we take a positive outlook on things, life will get better. When we believe and trust that the world is our oyster and we can have and be all that we desire, we must take inspired action. When we take inspired action, we start to create a better here and now. When we create a better here and now, our future brightens up presenting a host of possibilities. When we have a choice in what’s presented, we now have control over the paths we take. Of course there will be challenges, and we may not always choose the right path. They are there for a reason and you are meant to have those. Otherwise, we would never know the difference between a life of chaos and hardship and a life of fantastic and amazing opportunities.

Love and Light