Doing These 5 Things Will Improve Your Overall Well-Being This Summer

While summer might bring sun-kissed skin and beach hair, it can also bring on some unnecessary stress. The type of stress that can make us try a fad diet or over-exercising. While it’s perfectly okay to want to look and feel your best while in a new swimsuit, getting in shape is about more than weight.

“It isn’t just about working out, green juice, and chia seeds; it’s about feeling balanced and capable to be able to handle every avenue of life with confidence and ease”.  

Nothing dramatic needs to happen. It’s all about having a positive mind-set and make a routine. From staying hydrated to eating plant-based and support local businesses by eating more locally, these are the easiest ways to start looking and feeling your best specially during the Summer. Have a look below on how you can kick start your new healthy habits:

Set a schedule

Don’t leave your health and wellness to chance. Having an eating and exercise routine is vital so you’re not left surrounded by unhealthy options or not having enough time. If you know your day gets busy, work out in the morning. If you know you don’t have time to cook, find healthy pre-made options.

Add Protein, Fiber, and Healthy Fats to Your Diet

Eating a balanced diet will not only keep you healthy but also energised to take on the day. Think of food as fuel, nourishing your cells to work at their highest capacity. Incorporating protein, fiber, and healthy fats into your meals will keep you satiated and give your body optimum nutrition to thrive on.

Our go-to recipe this time of year: a chopped salad consisting of kale, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, avocado, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Place all ingredients into a bowl, squeeze half a lemon on top, and add salt and pepper.

Hydrate All Day Long

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, but how many of us actually do so? It’s easy to forget, but once you get yourself into a routine, it’ll become a habit. Whether you have to clock in on the hour to drink a glass or prefer to carry a bottle on the go, keeping your body hydrated will naturally increase your energy level, flush out toxins, and boost your immune system.

If anyone wants to kick-start their wellness for summer, start by drinking a massive glass of water with a squeezed lemon juice every morning, and continue throughout the day.

Sweat Every Day

One goal should be prioritising exercise. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, find a way to get active. Working out should be something we do almost every day. It should include a variety of movements and exercises to keep your body learning and growing stronger.Remember that it doesn’t have to be intense—everything makes a difference. If you don’t belong to a gym, you can easily go on a hike, run on the beach, or do stairs outside—just find something that sticks and will have you counting down the hours until it’s time for your workout.

Eat Fresh, Local, and Seasonal Foods

A good rule of thumb is that if you can find it at your local farmers market, it’s a great option. Look for seasonal options and focus on items like dark leafy greens, avocados, fermented vegetables. Any produce that you can’t find at the market can be bought at the grocery store.Remember to always buy in small quantities to keep everything as fresh as possible.

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