Created by the wellness consultant and nutrition coach Mariana De Oliveira Dias, My Wellness Journey is a comprehensive six-month planner, designed to support busy minds to take control of their wellbeing goals and make permanent changes for the good. Beautifully bound and featuring an attractive and intuitive design, the 566 pages planner has a dedicated space for every element of a healthy lifestyle – from self-care journal to juice cleanse tracker – and is the very first of its kind.

With The Wellness Journey, author Mariana tackles one of the biggest barriers that individuals face in achieving their health and wellness goals: motivation. She explains:

“My intention here is to create a kinder, more loving relationship with the foods you eat; to enjoy them fully, and feel supported and empowered by your own choices. This journal helps you take those big goals and break them down into smaller, achievable steps.”

These steps include not only looking after physical health aspects such as diet and exercise, but also helps users prioritise mental wellbeing, as Mariana elaborates,

“It’s not about having the perfect diet or the best personal trainer. From helping you find where eating habits fit into your broader wellbeing, to sleep; from exercise, to mindfulness and gratitude. It’s about paying attention to your body, so that you can start to understand your patterns and recognise your biggest obstacles.”

The best way to change behavior is to be more mindful of your actions. Studies show that just writing down what you eat consistently leads to results, whether that be increased energy, productivity, weight loss or simply eating more vegetables.

Daily entries log not only your meals, but also how you slept, what you’re grateful for, your exercise and mindfulness practices, and any other notes or feelings that come up. The intention is to create a kinder, more loving relationship with the foods you eat, enjoy them fully, and feel supported and empowered by your food choices.

In acknowledging that true health is an on-going journey, the planner supports individuals in a measurable and achievable way to create their own culture of wellness. As such, pages include dedicated sections for:

  • Daily journal
  • Soul and self-care
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Gratitude
  • Meal plan and grocery lists
  • Juice cleanse
  • Progress tracker

Launching in the Summer of 2020,  My Wellness Journey will be available online at Amazon, Etsy, and the author’s own website,, as well as in-store at all eight Bookazine outlets in Hong Kong among other venues that will be announced soon.

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