Ever wonder what a nutritionist would think of your diet? Ever ask yourself, how can I add more veggies to my plate? Make my meals more healthy? Move toward a wholefood, plant-based diet? Feel fuller for longer? Feel energised from food? Eat in a way that supports my overall health? The tailored “my plan” package allows you to do just that. Whatever your health goals are – from weight-loss to clearer skin, improved digestive symptoms to balanced hormones, this might be the solution you have been looking for. It is the next best thing to 1-on-1 nutrition consultations if you don’t feel you require or have the budget for them, because it is personalised, unique and specific to you.


  • Filled-in 7 day diet journal of everything you eat and drink for one full week;
  • 3 top health priorities you would like me to take into account when devising your specific plan. Please also note any serious health conditions, medications, allergies or aversions;
  • Honesty, in the above;
  • Commitment, to give the tailored plan your absolute all!


  • A personalised 7-day nutritionally-complete plant-based meal plan from me, taking into account your tastes and preferences as seen in your 7-day food diary, as well as your top health priorities;
  • Relevant recipes either as links or attachments;
  • Brief summary of the plan, to help you understand why you are to eat this way.
The turnaround time between receipt of your diet diary and delivery of your meal plan will be 2-3 business days. You will receive all documents directly to your email address provided. You will be charged at point of purchase. Please contact us at for any further questions.

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