Here are some transitioning tips for you to remember as you embark upon this journey of finding your own optimal health.

  • Be gentle on yourself, just because someone on Instagram makes it seem easy doesn’t mean it was/is, be strong, be confident, be consistent but allow yourself to fall and learn from mistakes. 2 steps back can result in 10 steps forward. Mistakes and learning curves can propel you forward just like a sling- shot.
  • If you are wanting to eat fewer animal products try a slow but consistent approach. Make sure you are learning as you go about the food you’re eating and it’s affecting your body. Take it slowly by changing one thing per week. Be in it for the long haul, just stay consistent with the goal of optimal health and the rest will fall into place over time.
  • Use the support of passionate experts or professionals such as specialists, naturopaths, and holistic doctors and general practitioners. Also look into getting support from traditional Chinese medicine and other traditional therapies. Combine them all for a holistic approach to your healing journey.
  • Start with just one day a week for a month, and make the entire day dedicated to nourishing and loving yourself. For the rest of the week make yourself aware of the number of processed foods, addictive substances you intake. Then the following week apply actions from the awareness and realizations you had the week prior. Always focus on learning and evolving even if you do make a mistake.
  • I highly recommend you keep a journal or notes in your phone. Most days simply jot down some notes morning or night about how you feel in general, the foods you ate, how you slept, if you have your period, what symptoms you have, your mood etc. At first, it may seem strange, but over time you will start to see patterns and triggers. Realising these will help you overcome those pattern or learn to adapt accordingly.
  • Remember to tap into your inner guidance by clearing out blockages using detox methods, meditation, journaling and by assessing and aligning your life values. Clearing out stagnation in the body and the mind will help you make clearer choices with purpose and will result in a path more aligned for you and your journey.

Mariana Xx

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