Below is a list of items that will be useful for you to succeed and thrive on your new long-term, healthy lifestyle and make your life easier and more efficient! “You can’t build a house without the right tools, right?”. Don’t worry in getting everything at once. Start slowly and add what you need along the way.Here you go:

Measuring cups and spoons

Sharp knives

High-speed blender (I use Vitamix but started with others including Kitchen Aid)

Juicer (Breville juice fountain, I’ve had it for nearly 3 years and it doesn’t break unlike the cold- pressed juicers I’ve had in the past, I make a lot of juice so I’m keen to find a good slow/cold press one. Cold pressed is better for leafy greens)

Rice cooker (not essential but sure is handy)

Food spiralizer

Glass jars /mason jars (for smoothies, juices, meals and storage)

Lids for glass jars

Metal / bamboo / glass straws (and straw cleaner)

Your favourite knife, fork and spoon

500ml – 2-litre drink bottle (glass if possible or BPA free plastic)

Food processor

Bamboo sushi mat (for sushi rolls, sushi sandwiches and rice paper rolls)

Beautiful bowls and plates

Chemical free non-stick pots and pans

Large wooden chopping board

Market trolley bag / reusable shopping bags

Tea towels and napkins


Food dehydrator

Ice block mould and pop sticks

Mortar and pestle

Nut milk bag

Creativity & open mind!

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