Dedicate time weekly to making a few batches and staples. It may take around an hour or longer, it depends on the person. But by preparing your food in bulk you’re actually allowing yourself more freedom and control over your week ahead. Meaning far less stress about ‘What am I going to prepare?” A small amount of prep time is worth the results you will see and feel by treating yourself and your body with the respect it deserves.


  • Your prep time doesn’t have to be the same day or time every week, be flexible with it and allow it to become a natural part of your week! It doesn’t have to take a day or even hours, add in 5, 15 or 30 minutes prep sessions here n there to let your days run smoothly into each other. If you need something more structured then give your self a few hours every Sunday to think of your week ahead, gather food and prep it/store it.
  • Glass jars and containers with tight lids are great for keeping food fresh while stored.
  • No need to make the same recipes every week, swap it around now and then to get a variety of nutrients and flavours.
  • Some weeks I like to cook a batch of rice and rice noodles to last me a few days in the fridge. Doing so makes whipping up a meal super quick such as curry bowls, noodles, veggie fried rice or sushi etc
  • I tend to flick through my book of recipes before a market run or grocery shop and jot down a few recipes that I would like to enjoy during the week, this helps me write a shopping list and keep it fresh in my mind, so I don’t get distracted and buy food I won’t use.

Hope you got enlightened with these tips!!

Mariana Xx

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