Hello from a very grey and rainy yet cosy and inspiring Hong Kong,

I hope you are having the most beautiful day, if not well I hope this post about my new book brightens your day. If you have been following me on Instagram you may have seen that I have been working on a new book for a while. Well, surprise – It’s FINALLY here!!!

I did nothing but writing for 12 months straight, my every spare moment in life I wrote. I have a pile of notebooks that are filled with notes and thoughts, my phone is filled with notes, pictures, quotes, song lyrics and thoughts. When something is channelled through energy or spirit, it can disappear as quickly as it came in. Therefore it’s so crucial for me to write it down asap otherwise it might become lost in thought.  I channelled, I zoned in, I experimented, I questioned everything, I research, I observed, I listened, I read, I applied and most of all I let the energy flow through me. And before I knew it I had written a thesis!

It wasn’t until the end of last year that I decided to split the book into 2 parts of 4 sections each. When the editor requested a word count for the proofread. I looked at the bottom of my screen and saw – 150,000 words more then 900 pages! I suddenly thought, “there is no way this can be one book”. So I have decided to split the book in those two parts.

One dedicated to Lifestyle Plans or Challenges and the other part dedicated into Healthy Eating and Holistic Living.

So now just like that, there are a few eBooks, but we will launch them gradually!!!

Neither of my books are written in a preachy tone that caters to only vegan or plant-based people. I wanted to build these books for absolutely everyone! For anyone who wants to make nourishing and delicious food for themselves or loved ones including children, family and friends. I hope my books help you understand more about who you are by connecting the dots in your own life, gain a deeper understanding of humans and animals, and to learn more about how everything is connected when it comes to optimal health.

I personally choose not to consume animal products at this stage of my life, but that’s not to say I never will. I want to make this clear. I am always on the hunt for optimal health, and I can tell you that it evolves and changes as quickly as our lives do. Its all about adaptability and continually learning more and more. It is easy to become restricted in your mind when your living by someone else values which can set you up for personal failure. You see my highest value in life is health. I build everything around this value, it is the glue that holds my life together. Health is my highest value because I hit rock bottom in my early twenties and never want to go back to that way of life ever again.

My life thrives when I feel the best, and I feel the best when I get back to the basics of our human design, nature, plants, water and air. This is the foundation of my life, and everything is built up from there. Just like the structure of a house, when you look at a home, you don’t see what’s beneath holding the house up such as the soil or rocks that are manipulated with binding agents, beams and poles to withstand the test of time and give it the utmost stability. I think of our human design in the same way, we should build the foundation strong with whats gifted to us from nature and your life will grow with stability and beauty as time goes on.

I want to share my knowledge and for you to learn from my experiences, but I don’t want it to ever consume you to the point that you feel guilt or shame that you’re doing life wrong whilst trying to follow my values. Your life is your own, we are each different and ultimately how your life plays out is up to you. All I ever wish to do is to instil in you a type of self-respect and love that becomes one of your highest values. Because if above all you value yourself enough, your life will forever unfold and bloom because the core of you is worthy to shine, sparkle, receive love, give love and feel gratitude.

This book is not designed to make you a vegan, for I am not vegan. I respect vegans but I have never been pure enough for them because I naturally bend too many rules. I also didn’t go plant-based for the animals initially, I did it for my health and knew nothing about the ways of the commercial animal industry back then like I do now.

For me one of the most important things in life is Awareness. Awareness in every single moment. There are many levels of awareness and one can’t always be switched on at the highest level of awareness, it seems impossible and not necessary. But if you’ve always got it on at a low level it gives you a gentle guide in the right direction in your life, helps you make more conscious tiny choices that will equal a better outcome for you and others. Awareness reminds me that I am great and worthy of life. You, my friend, are also great and worthy. We are all great and worthy, and we all have the ability to impact others and the earth in a positive way IF WE CHOOSE TO.

There is this slightly fuzzy ‘deeper knowing’ that is all around us that we will never be able to fully grasp, it’s far too deep. But isn’t trying to figure it out fun? Well, it is for me anyway.

So how does one write a book and in English?!? I honestly have no idea haha. It’s one of those things I never planned to do, NEVER! I practically almost failed English in school. If you told me 15 years ago that I would be completing 90,000-word book, I would have said: “NOPE you’ve got the wrong person”. But that is the beauty of life, evolving over time and releasing negative conditioning that I once thought or knew.

If you read my books you will find many mistakes, I’m sure. Even after 100 proofreads and edits. Maybe it could be more professionally written, but I can tell you what you see in these books has come from my heart and spirit, and I hope you can look past the flaws. I was able to build all of my books on my own by combining all of my amateur experience in photography, basic graphic arts and design, magazine layout, working with computers and programs and overall my love for art.

If you only take one thing away from these books maybe it will be a piece of my heart and soul that I willingly want to share with you. Maybe a piece of my life puzzle with help you shape yours, if that is, what you need?

So be gentle with your judgments please, it’s not like a book you’ll pick up in a chain bookstore that has been put together by 15 + people in a publishing house, it’s all me!

So you ask, are these books for you? You may ask what will you gain from investing in these books?

What I hope you gain is Awareness.

Awareness of yourself, the world and its surroundings. And most importantly above all, I hope you gain the awareness the life is a gift.

Once this awareness is present, everything else will Bloom!

Sending you warmth, gratitude and positive energy!!

Mariana Xx

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